About Elly​

The Story & The Plan​
Elly is a UKCC British Showjumping Level 2 Coach and Level 1 Course Designer with an added interest in rider biomechanics. She has a real passion for helping everyone she coaches and loves seeing people enjoying the sport, improving and gaining confidence. This shows with her popular clinics spreading from Hampshire & the Isle of Wight down to Devon & Cornwall. 

With a reputation of providing fun and creative training she keeps things positive for both horse and rider, making it easy for people to step out of their comfort zone and get more out of their steeds! The idea behind the academy was to provide a supportive community, creating a team like spirit across all ages and abilities. Her hard work and fun attitude was recognised when Elly won 3 awards at the Forces Equine annual awards night at Arena UK in March.

Rider biomechanics is becoming more of a focus in modern riding, proving rider straightness and core stability is a vital part of helping the horse to be straight, sound and supple. Elly has a background in human sports and remedial massage and her continued interest in fitness whilst gaining her advanced pilates instructor qualification makes rider biomechanics a real focus in her training.

Throughout Elly's career she has trained with Rosie Moss, Mark Hallion, Peter White, David Stone and with the help of FE, former world number 1 Scott Brash! She has competed in France whilst working with PK Stud and represented Forces Equine in Jersey, riding 3 weeks after fracturing her pelvis in a horse boarding mishap! ...she's gonna leave the training in this discipline to the pros! ;)​
Cross Training across the 3 main disciplines has helped keep variety in her horses' work, finding each one can help benefit the other. Elly competed  upto advanced medium and Newcomers with Blue, which for anyone who knew Blue in his not so glory days was quite an achievement! She is aiming to step upto foxhunter this year with her 6yr old Cortinus. Due to his size Elly has been producing him in his own time, luckily his talent will allow him to catch up. She has been selected for the eventers challenge team representing Forces Equine for the last three years at Blenheim International Horse Trial on three different rides. She has also has a bit of experience in vaulting and regularly works with ex racers.

Elly loves coaching and producing young & quirky horses so after 4 1/2 yrs of successfully running Fontley House Livery yard, she handed over the reins to Sue allowing her to focus more on developing that side of her career. Within just a few months of flying solo Elly's clinics were already proving popular and have spread from Hampshire to Devon, Cornwall, West Sussex & the Isle of Wight.

Theres plenty more exciting things in the pipeline to working with sponsors Alicorne Equine Massage and Farrier Wayne Wood!
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