Past & Sold Horses

  1. Flo
    Currently working her way up through the eventing classes.
  2. Bailey
    Has been doing fantastic with new owner Hattie in Show jumping and pony club events.
  3. Ari
    I owe a lot to this mare, after bringing her back into work from a fractured leg we won many classes before she returned to her owners.
  4. Roxy
    Has been super successful at pony club events with new owner Holly.
  5. Amigo
    Sold on behalf of a client. Has won numerous dressage tests, and qualified for wales & hickstead.
  6. Ace
    Sold o behalf of a client. Fun, springy fella!
  7. Dream
    Sold to Lily originally, then sold to Ginny. Cheeky mare who has taught these girls a lot!
  8. Misty
    My first pony, gave me plenty of whiplash!
  9. Meeko
    Wizzy little PBA. Sold to Lorraine