Annie D

Couldn't be more proud of my daughters young horse Dougel today,kindly competed for us by Elly Wishart. Having trained both my daughter and Dougel for only a short time I can truly say she's worked wonders with them! Very privileged to have such a dedicated,talented young lady supporting us and our horses-Thanks so much Elly x
Susan & Tucker

5* plus - I have just completed my very first ever adult pony camp! Without the wonderful support from Elly Wishart I would never of had the confidence to achieve what I did! Elly is an amazing coach, very supportive and helped me every step of the way. Even though I am an oldie she brought out the best in me and my horse - thank you so much Elly!
Jayne  & Boots

After a break from riding of over 20 years, with Ellys coaching I finally fulfilled a dream and competed at The Royal International Horse Show, Hickstead at the age of 54. Better late than never!
Holly & Blue

Elly has taught me for 3 years and in this time, has taken me from jumping 2'3 to 1m classes. She has supported me through my challenges and has brought my riding on so much, always coming to shows with me and giving me the confidence I need.
Nicky & Chibbs

Fantastic clipping today, I have been trying to clip my naughty Cobs legs for months, and Elly managed it without any fuss. He looks amazing!! Thank you.
Penny & Dana

I have had lessons with Elly over the last 6 months and have seen results at the end of every lesson, and leave with something to work on.
Elly is very adaptable to different horse personalities, teaching locations, different disciplines, and will either create a lesson plan or help you with something you are struggling with.
I highly recommend Elly's lessons and clinics!

Debbie & Ozzie

I am one of the oldies that has just done pony camp, it was amazing Elly is a 5 * coach it is something I thought I would never do. Highly recommend SCEA!
Carys & Blue

Elly is a very talented instructor and rider who puts in every effort to cater to her client's needs. I came to Elly 2 years ago as an incredibly nervous rider, through fun and interesting lessons she's helped me to improve my riding, core strength and ability in order to increase my control and therefore confidence in the saddle. I would highly recommend her to riders of all abilities
Rosie & Boots

I have been having lessons with Elly for 2 years now and she is a very adaptable instructor and has changed our coaching sessions to fit with my health needs. When I have had a lower back injury Elly structured our sessions to support and improve my posture and movement. She is able to understand the movement of the rider as much as the horse. My confidence has grown a lot with elly, and she has supported me through set backs such as a bad fall which meant I became quite nervous when riding. I feel that I always achieve something within each session, and I'm also left with things to work on so I can continue to improve through out the week before our next lesson. She makes sessions fun and constantly introduces new exercises to keep you and your horse engaged and on your toes!
Kerry & Jaf

I just participated in adult horse camp. Having missed out on anything like this as a child I loved having the supportive friendly atmosphere of training and competing with adults and horses and ponies of varying different abilities. Everyone was so supportive and friendly and there was a real team atmosphere even on competition day with everyone cheering on everyone else. I highly recommend Elly as an instructor who is also extremely good with people who have lost their confidence and teaches people of all levels. I will definitely be participating next time there are any training sessions or camps.
Sandra, Shannon & Jak

Elly Wishart has been a life saver for me and my granddaughter Shannon with elly expert tuition we have turned my very naughty , cheeky new forest pony Jak into a pony who is now doing dressage , adult pony camp which was amazing as we did a cross country course which we both loved although neither of us had done one before and although I was really nervous (rescue remedy was the key) becausee of ellys positive and encouraging tuition it put faith and trust in my pony .next day we also completed a course of jumps 2 ft which we had never done and came second I can't express how much adult camp helped us and we both had so much fun. With ellys continued lessons jak is now a joy to ride *but he can still be cheeky) which we don't want to loose and we have achieved so much .
Emma & Bailey

Elly has taught my daughter Lily for the last 4 years and i couldn't recomend her enough.Our horse Bailey couldn't clear a cross pole when we bought him last year and with all the hard work and dedication from Elly they now happily go round a 3ft course.....Not only is Elly incredible at teaching but is always there for advice and help at shows we don't know what we would do without her as nothing is too much trouble for her and she gets people doing activities on there horses they never thought they would.....
Sam & Prince

I have had lessons with Elly since getting my horse Prince in July. She has helped me get him from having to fight him the whole lesson to going straight into a contact. Her xc clinic has given me the confidence to do my first jumping competition.
Sue & Star

After only having a few lesson with Elly and then attending adult camp.
Elly help my achieve things I would never have dreamt of doing with my daughters horse star. Simply amazing!!! Xx