Meet the Gang
Meet The Team

Meet the Gang


6 yr old by Cornet Stern out of an Argentinus Mare
Breed by PK Stud
Nicknames - Corey, Houdini, Sir Stumble

Colour - Depends on time of day, occasionally grey, mostly patchy browns

Attitude - Laid back with bursts of optimism

Most Likely to be found - Not where you left him

Current Level- Disc/ Newcomers, BE 100

Most Embarrassing moment - Jumping me off in the Warm up for the mini Majors at Scope, you can imagine Geoff Billingtons Commentry... Everyone else seemed impressed he jumped over the wings and launched me into the roof, the fence was barely a 90!

Life Goals - Hickstead Speed Derby, Six bars & not landing on mum in a XC incident (3 times hes faceplanted XC!) 


17 yr old Animo x Man in the Moon

​Nicknames - Bluesey, Red, some that shalt be repeated

Attitude - Alot of

Most Likely to be found - Huffing at my latest 'new idea' or loving his loaners

Most Famous moment 1 - The headstand, handstand fiasco at Felbridge, went on to come 3rd in the 1.10 after deciding I was far to stickable to try it on again!

Most Famous Moment 2 - More successful than above attempt, flipping over during a Horse Boarding exercise, fracturing my pelvis 3 weeks before a team event in Jersey... We still went and finished 2nd!

Best Achievement - Winning every test we did upto Elementary for an entire year! And acheiving a respectable % at Advanced Medium

Current Goals - Build Bellas confidence & help her with her GCSE showjumping, keep getting Carys into trouble in her lessons.

Nicknames -
MRS the Bellaow, Battle Pig

Most Likely to be found -
Asleep on the nearest bed

Favourtie Things -
Food, Glaring, Sniffing, Dad
Fagains Food, The Sea 

Least Favourite Things -
Selfies with mum,
The rain

Nicknames -
Fagwan, Battle Fox, Land Shark

Most Likely to be found -
In the garden or on a Search Poster

Favourtie Things -
BALL, walking on/under Bella
Snouting mum in the eyeball 

Least Favourite Things -
Not being allowed in the Garden

Some old Flames Ari, Kandice, Kenco, Bailey and the best of them all first pony Misty!