What We Offer

See what we have to offer you, and look out of our deals so you get more for less!

To book a clinic please see our Events Diary page or to arrange any coaching, schooling or other services please use the contact us page or call/message Elly on 07775992585


  1. Schooling
    Schooling is tailored to each horse which will be discussed with owner. Prices vary, starting at
  2. 1-1 Coaching
    No rest for the wicked ;) The focus is all on you, short and long term goals will be discussed and then we will crack on getting you there!
  3. 2-1
    'Gym Buddies' Training with a friend is good fun. You're there to encourage and learn from each other
  4. Clinics
    From 25.00
    XC, Pole, Grid, Courses and Gymnastic exercise Clinics. Get out into some lovely new arenas with other riders. Great way to learn, socialise and get out to new surroundings.
  5. Lunge Lesson
    £25.00 own horse £45.00 on Blue
    Using our Vaulting Surcingle, lunge lessons are a brilliant way of improving your position, confidence, balance and its pretty fun! Either use your own horse or have a lesson on blue!
  6. Clipping
    Full inc. legs - £45.00 Full, legs on - £35.00 Trace/Blanket - £20.00 Giraffe ;) - £75.00
  7. Equine Sports Massage
    From 35.00
    Ellie from Alicorne can give your horse that extra bit of suppleness and sparkle with an Equine Sports Massage
  8. Junior Camps!
    Our annual camps are really popular. A week of training and fun both on and off horse. With loads of team and individual rosettes to be won at the show!
  9. Adult Camps
    Like the Junior camps but only 3 days (other responsiities limiting fun time!)~ but there are cocktails to!
  10. Saddlecloths
    Beautiful Navy with diamonte Saddlecloths. So you can show off your part of the team!
  11. More to come!
    We have rugs, jackets and polo shirts all ready to order if you want them! Or alternatively give me your favourite gear and have it embroidered with the logo!